Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Although it's been over a decade since I had my first child, I still remember how daunting - and exhausting - the whole experience can be. With so much conflicting information, so many self-proclaimed 'experts' and so much pressure from all sides it can be a very stressful time.

That is where a doula can be worth her weight in gold. A doula can give the information you need to be able to make important birth choices during your pregnancy; she can help to keep you calm and focused during the birth, which can make it easier to cope; or she can visit after the birth to help with breastfeeding or to keep your household running while you adjust to your new 'normal'.

I have five children of my own, two born in hospital and three at home so I have experienced a range of births myself, in addition to supporting friends through their pregnancies and births as well.

Also, in addition to having breastfed my own children, I am a trained breastfeeding supporter and offer breastfeeding support both with my doula packages and separately.

Birth support

Helping you to stay calm throughout your labour and giving you the confidence to have the birth you want.

Feeding support

However you decide to feed right up until your baby is ready to wean.

Postnatal Support

Working with your family while you adapt to life with a newborn.