Sophoula the Doula

Supporting you through pregnancy, birth and beyond

Birth Packages

The price of a birth package can vary depending on the circumstances and can sometimes be negotiated according to circumstance.
However, my standard birth package is currently priced at £600.00
This includes:
- At least 2 antenatal visits to discuss birth preferences, relaxation techniques, worries,
  breastfeeding preparation etc.
- An 'on-call' period beginning two weeks before your due date and until the baby is born
- The birth itself, for as long as I am needed.
- A 'birth completion' meeting a couple of days after the birth for you to debrief and discuss any questions or worries you may have

Postnatal services

I provide breastfeeding support at £15 p/hr.

General postnatal services can be booked on a week by week basis or as a block. I charge £12 p/hr for postnatal work but may be open to negotiate as part of a birth and postnatal package.

- Postnatal services depend on your needs but may include light household duties, helping you to become confident with caring for your new baby or offering comfort and conversation in those first new and exciting days at home with your exhausting bundle of joy!